With the accumulation of the team, the T-Touching brand was founded in 2013, and the world-famous Netcom brand ZyXEL (Quanqin Holdings Unizyx) Dr. Zhu Shunyi invested. Zyxel focuses on solving problems and improving the ability of the Internet,Achieve goals by providing a complete product portfolio and end-to-end solutions to meet the needs of modern workplaces and provide motivation for people to work, live, and play.


Touching the ultimate craft




Full name: Technical-Touching (the ultimate process that touches people's hearts)

From Taiwan, which is known as the Asian Silicon Valley.

The love of aesthetics has made T-Touching's craftsmanship excellence and perfect interpretation of details,

  Taking "simple and luxurious, original and exclusive, human-oriented" as the soul of the product,

Committed to bringing the most extreme feelings to consumers,

  Immerse them in the joy of manipulation created by the encounter between light and electricity.

Intelligent building application system brand

T-Touching has been dedicated to providing high-end smart home solutions for residential and commercial buildings for many years,Provide customized services for modern people's home life in order to simplify complexity and lead wisdom. He integrated intelligent sections such as lighting, shading, HVAC, Netcom wireless, and audio,Reorganize isolated sections to achieve unified and efficient system control.

Product advantages

Unique design, perfect combination of craftsmanship and top materials, and extremely sophisticated structural design, simplifying functions and technology, simplifying,Everything takes humanity as the starting point, and every product is created with diligence.


Professional Team

We have a professional R&D and design team on both sides of China and Taiwan. They are the best in the country in terms of software and hardware strength, especially in the field of industrial design.Our products have also been affirmed by world-class industrial design awards, and only those products with strongdifferentiation will not be reduced to competition in the Red Sea market.


Technical Advantages

We have a T-Net smart home system that can bring a full range of smart experiences to residents. We are committed to making the living space more humane and more intimate.It also has the ability to connect major mainstream smart central control brand agreements,Currently used by Control4, Crestron, Savant, AMX and other brands.

Patent Advantage

With the brand concept of "simple and luxurious, original and exclusive, human-oriented", we provide the perfect solution with unique design and diversified products.And integrated diversified control in the smart home blueprint, obtained more than 57 domestic and foreign patents.


Expert Service Team To Provide Professional Services

Customer satisfaction is the driving force of our cause. Satisfaction is only the starting point, there is no best; service is endless, only pay. A good life should be full of expectation, surprise and gratitude.