T-Touching 2019 Distributor Conference | Touch the extreme and enjoy the future with wisdom!

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The T-Touching 2019 Dealer Conference was grandly opened in a beautiful July. Distributors from all over the country came to T-Touching Headquarters and started their work in the field of intelligence with the theme of “Extreme Touch, Enjoy the Future” Take a dip.


XSeries, the high-value strength of the industry's products, was officially unveiled at the conference, which aroused the cheers of dealer partners.


X represents the unknown and the future. The X series created in 2013 also predicts that the industrial design of the T-Touching brand will enter the future.


As a large panel, the X series surpasses the product shape limitation of the square or round in the industry. Designing the large-frame frame still retains the rare flexibility to outline the turning point and the parabolic arc with the cut off ratio. The combination of various colors and materials, and the selection of compatible powerful functions, create hundreds of unique changes.


After displaying the highlights of the X series on the screen, the T-Touching team brought the product proposal box into the venue in order. As soon as the proposal box was opened, the partners could not wait to appreciate the value of the product up close and feel the details of the panel.


At the conference, on-site sharing and in-depth exchanges were carried out on the preferential policies that dealers care about, market brand building and various supports. These multi-dimensional support from T-Touching allows dealer partners to see a broader market space for future development, and also strengthens the business connection and interaction with T-Touching.