T-Touching Was invited to the 4th China Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry Development Conference and won the


On July 26, the "2017 Fourth China Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry Development Conference" hosted by the China Building Decoration Association was grandly held in Diaoyutai, Beijing. T-Touching was invited to attend and won the 2016 China Building Materials and Home Furnishings Innovative Product Brand Award, and gathered together with industry leaders, experts, tooling and home decoration first-line designers from the building materials and home furnishing industry, and more than 500 upstream and downstream brand guests to collaborate on how to interact A new pattern of pan-industry development.

On the day of the conference, more than 500 guests from the national home furnishing industry gathered for the grand ▼




The conference started a big industry discussion on the theme of "big integration, big linkage, big sharing", focusing on the areas of the Belt and Road, big data, sharing economy, green home furnishing, etc., and in-depth discussion on the hot spots and focus topics of China's building materials home furnishing industry development Looking forward to the future industrial development trends, promoting enterprise innovation, transformation, quality improvement and upgrading.



Innovation Product Brand Award

In order to enhance the brand awareness and responsibility awareness of the enterprise, and establish the brand image of China's building materials and home furnishing enterprises, the "2016 China Building Materials and Home Furnishings Top 100 Brands and Sub-List" selected by the China Construction and Decoration Association has undergone enterprise declaration, media recommendation and association review , Expert review, online publicity and other working procedures, officially released at this conference and awarded medals.




Among them, the electrical lighting industry is an important part of China's building materials and home furnishing industry, and T-Touching was invited to attend this event and was awarded the fourth China Building Materials and Home Furnishings Innovation Product Brand Award (2016-2017).



The founder's message-imitation can't do spirit

How do products create differentiation? If it is just plagiarism, it will never progress! Increasing application ingenuity from appearance, feel, vision and even hearing can make the product not become a competitive product in the Red Sea market. However, it is really not easy to do simple things, not only to understand and apply the material characteristics, but also need to Focus on every detail to have a chance to make a good product, but if you do not have feelings with it, you can not control the product, let alone give it life and soul.



The speed of our innovation is the most leading and cutting-edge.

The brand launched a new concept of "flat-style world" in 2010. In 2012, it achieved a unique "cross-border integration dream" in the world. It created up to 2,62,144 combinations of changes and combinations. In 2013, it successfully developed a self-respecting global style The integrated thinking mode "T-Net Autonomous Situation System" is precisely the starting point of these new ideas and design concepts, which are very personal and friendly, so that the design of T-Touching is always at the forefront of the trend. Our products are not only simple to touch every day, but also achievements accepted by the world’s designers. They are works of art that are deeply integrated with rich imagination and life elements. They are enough to strongly shock the senses of consumers and completely change this industry. Great invention of a specific view!




Through this event, T-Touching gained greater recognition and spurs, better understood the future development trends of real estate, engineering, hotels and other industries, and discussed and exchanged ideas with industry leaders, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation with elites in various industries. basis. Here, we must share this glory with every T-Touching person who is working tirelessly for the development of the brand and excellent agency partners across the country! We are proud of the glory that we have created, and we are more excited about our upcoming journey.