It is a legal and independent company with certain capital investment and capital turnover capability.
The company's certificates are complete and valid (business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, ID card, etc.).
Maintain corporate reputation and brand image, and obey the management of Guangdong Didaju Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd.
Possess any category of high-end commercial, lighting, electrical, intelligent system integration, building materials, and weak electricity Manage.
Recognize T-Touching's cultural concept and development plan, and attach importance to T-Touching's brand promotion and product sales.
Has a professional sales, design, technical support, installation team, and is willing to invest in full-time staff responsible for brand operation promotion and sales channel construction.
Advantages of cooperation

Stand out from the traditional electrical industry, serve Chinese quality customers with an international perspective, with human orientation, aesthetics, ingenuity and craftsmanship, and create the leading products.








Brand advantage
Product advantage
Innovation advantage
Resource advantage
Technology advantage
Patent advantage

Help partners to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.


Preferential policy

T-Touching has launched a number of preferential policies to help the company's dreams start and achieve a win-win future.

Market Planning
According to the agent's operation philosophy, investment philosophy, professional ability, channel resources, team configuration, etc., the agent partner is preferred.
Agency Price
The price shall be calculated in the form of a discount on the unified national face value table.
Minimum Task
According to the economic development of the area where the agent is located and its own comprehensive factors, it is divided into two types of basic tasks.
Agent Rebates
According to the quarterly and annual actual tasks, the agent will be given a corresponding rebate. The rebate is divided into three categories: quarterly compliance, annual compliance rebate, and annual excess rebates.
Marketing Tools
According to the needs of different types of agents, three types of support are provided: proportional support according to the first batch of funds, standard price discount purchase through marketing tools, and standard store support.
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